30 January 2015

Tata En Passant

Near the beginning of the interview, GM Keene mentions that he played at Wijk aan Zee more than 40 years ago, finishing equal third in the masters section.

Q: Why are you here in 2015? A: It's one of the world's greatest tournaments and has been for a long time, so it's a pleasure to come. It's great to come back after 40 years, to see how much it's grown. It's extraordinary.

He compares Wijk aan Zee to Hastings (the world's oldest ongoing tournament) and admits that the Dutch event 'is much bigger'.

Tata Steel Chess 2015 - En passant (8:19) • 'Raymond Keene'

Keene is a colorful, controversial character; see, for example, Raymond Keene on Wikipedia, especially the 'Talk' page.

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