12 January 2015

TMERs: Kasparov in Asia 2014

After the two Asian trips covered in TMERs: Kasparov in Asia 2013, Kasparov's FIDE Campaign ran into trouble. In January 2014, NYTimes.com reported,

Kasparov and Leong [representing Asia for Kasparov] negotiated a deal in which Leong would help Kasparov’s presidential run in exchange for $500,000, according to a draft contract reviewed by The New York Times. Kasparov also agreed, after his election, to open a new federation office in Singapore, to be run by Leong, for which he would be paid an undisclosed amount. • Kasparov’s Moves in Run for Chess Office Raise Ethical Concerns

A few days later, Chessbase.com reported on Kasparov's behalf,

The story began last weekend, when a draft contract between Garry Kasparov, who is running for FIDE President, and his running mate Ignatius Leong were leaked. It was suggested that large sums of money were passing to Leong in return for votes in the presidential election. Now Kasparov has replied to the accusations in an unprecedented way: by publishing the full text of the final contract. • Contractgate? The Kasparov-Leong agreement; 'final version of the Agreement signed on September 5th [2013]'

The agreement overshadowed future contact with Asia. Kasparov made two more trips to the region.


2014-04-22: Grandmaster Kasparov still has everything to play for • 'Mr Kasparov was in the capital [Canberra, Australia] on Monday [21 April] to push his own presidency ambitions - for the World Chess Federation (FIDE) - and to attend the ACT's 52nd Doeberl Cup at the Woden Tradies.'

2014-05-07:- Kasparov's Visit to Malaysia • 'On 23 April 2014, Garry Kasparov ... flew into a grand welcome in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia'


2014-06-11:- Garry Kasparov Returns to Macau • 'Kasparov was the guest of honour at the 15th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships held in Macao from 3-11 June 2014'

The ongoing story of the FIDE election including highlights of the Kasparov campaign, in Asia and elsewhere, can be found on ecforum.org.uk: Kasparov vs Ilyumzhinov: the FIDE Presidency battle begins. • TMER : Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record

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