05 January 2015

TMERs: Kasparov in Asia 2013

Continuing with Garry Kasparov's Travels During His 2014 FIDE Campaign, the previous post, TMERs: Kasparov in Africa, covered Kasparov's three trips to Africa. He also made several trips to Asia. Here is an outline of his two trips in 2013.


2013-11-11: Kasparov In Chennai. But Not Awaited • 'Garry Kasparov as promised earlier came to Chennai to visit 3rd and 4th games of the world title match. Livemint.com reports the 13th world champion and FIDE president candidate was ignored - he was met only by the workers of Hyatt Regency Hotel. Kasparov arrived with his wife without an official invitation, just as a "chess tourist."'

2013-11-16: Campaign Trip Begins in Jakarta • 'The first tour of the campaign is in Asia and the first stop was Indonesia. Afterward, Garry heads to Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, and Hong Kong.'

2013-11-16: SCF Awards Night 2013 • 'Kasparov was the guest of honor at the Singapore Chess Federation Annual Dinner'

2013-11-24: Kasparov Visits Singapore and Thailand • 'Kasparov and running mate Ignatius Leong arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 19th November'

2013-11-20: Chess legend Kasparov makes winning move • 'Prior to the Philippines, he had been to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. From here, he will fly today to Macau and Hong Kong to cap his Asian visit.'

2013-12-05: Kasparov and Leong Well Received in Macau and Hong Kong • 'The legend and Ignatius arrived on 20th November from a flight from Manila. [...] On 21st November, our Delegate KK Chan escorted the King, Garry Kasparov, and Ignatius Leong, by ferry from Macau to Hong Kong.'


2014-01-04: Kasparov Reaches Out in Korea • 'invitation to Kasparov to visit Korea on 26-28 December'

2014-01-01: Chess legend Kasparov delighted with Omani hospitality • 'Muscat: Russian chess legend Garry Kasparov, who landed in Muscat late on Monday night on a private visit, said he is delighted to be in the Sultanate'

In my next post, I'll cover Kasparov's trips in the first half of 2014. • TMER : Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record

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