04 January 2015

London Chess and Education Conference 2014

Three videos in one week on this blog? Yes, because it couldn't be helped. First we had Chess and EEG, because 'brainwaves being harnessed' was too good to ignore. Then we had Magnus vs. the Hustlers, because how can you have a Video Friday without a video. Now we have the clip shown below, because today the 'Chess in School' series, last seen in FIDE's 'Chess in Schools' 2014, is at bat.

A year ago I posted 'Chess in School' Is Sociable, featuring a clip from the 'London Chess and Education Conference 2013'. The current video is about the recently concluded 2014 edition of the same event. That's the 'LCEC' in the video's title.

KVDC LCEC 2014 Malcolm Pein opening conference (5:53) • 'Published on Dec 26, 2014'

For more information, including links to the conference home page and to other videos from the 2014 event, see the 'Sociable' post mentioned above. The links are exactly the same.

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