19 January 2015

TMERs: Kasparov in the Americas

After TMERs: Kasparov in Asia 2014, there remains one more region to cover for Garry Kasparov's Travels During His 2014 FIDE Campaign: North and South America. In fact, looking at the table in 'Kasparov's Travels', the former World Champion appears to have made only a few trips in the Americas outside of the USA, his adopted country.

In April 2014 he travelled to three countries -- My Kingston [Jamaica]; Kasparov: 'I'm quite happy that I picked up Jamaica as a destination for the first Caribbean tour. I came from Mexico and will be going to El Salvador.' In May he travelled to Puerto Rico -- Kasparov makes move for PR vote; Kasparov: 'Puerto Rico’s Chess Federation is the first local federation in which every member has a vote to decide which candidate to support for president.' The trip to Puerto Rico did not go well:-

Puerto Rico swings away from Kasparov • The America’s are likely to vote overwhelmingly for Kirsan, probably even more than originally expected. Last month the number circulating was 29-5 in Kirsan’s favor, but with bad press and rumors of heavy-handed campaigning by Kasparov’s supporters, this was always a danger to happen. Just this past Thursday Puerto Rico voted in favour of supporting Kirsan. • Monday Coffee [kevinspraggettonchess.wordpress.com; June 2014]

As we know, Kasparov eventually lost -- FIDE Election: Four More Years -- with the drubbing in the Americas playing a decisive role. Was this why his presence there was so limited in comparison to TMERs: Kasparov in Africa? • TMER : Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record

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