17 May 2016

Blog Follow-ups

Why didn't I think of that before? Instead of maintaining a list of blog posts that need a follow-up, why not use a blog tag? And so I did -- 'FLUP'.

Google Image search on 'flup'

I'm getting off-topic, but it turns out that the word 'flup' is used elsewhere, often in an odd context. Following the images shown above, I discovered:-

  • Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Portugal (Faculty of Letters, the University of Porto)
  • 'Looking for an incredibly rare 4 letter domain name package?? http://flup.com is for sale...'; flup on Twitter
  • FLUP line of 'Drain Openers'
  • 'Flup, el idioma de la comunicaciĆ³n'
  • '"Flup is like pushups for the brain" -- Play the game critics are calling "the most inventive puzzle game since the Rubik’s cube."'
  • 'The project is called flup (short for follow up with me) and it's an online system that helps you swap contact details safely and easily, and arrange follow ups (we call it a flup).'
  • (The one eyed monster in the middle of the bottom row): 'Name: Flup Landed; Age: 7 3/4 years old; Place of birth: Plextan, Xtron'

Next step: Follow up my chess 'flups'.

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