06 May 2016

Chess Kids (2011)

Besides the obvious, what do Judit Polgar and Josh Waitzkin have in common? They both appeared in Chess Kids (1996; imdb.com). Fifteen years later there was a follow-up film.

Chess Kids: Special Edition - Full Movie | Snagfilms (1:20:09) • 'They were prodigies then. See where they are now. Here is Lynn Hamrick's (2011) special edition film.'

The description continued,

The original version of CHESS KIDS, go behind the scenes at the World Youth Chess Tournament - the largest ever held in the United States. Meet Josh Waitzkin, the real-life subject of Searching For Bobby Fischer, and Judit Polgar, the best female player of all time. Hear children as young as seven reveal how they ace the world's oldest game.

In CHESS KIDS - SPECIAL EDITION, Lynn returns after nearly two decades to pick up where she left off. Revisit Josh Waitzkin, Judit Polgar, and others who reflect on their chess lives past and present. Morgan Pehme, Bruce Pandolfini and Josh speak candidly about their fictionalized portrayals in the movie Searching For Bobby Fischer.

I'd never seen the film before and was always curious about its message. Now I know. See also the Facebook page: Chess Kids.

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