19 May 2016

My Name in Bytes!

After establishing that I'm Not a Chess Historian, what else could Giga Alert tell me? In the past, the service has mainly alerted me to the existence of my own resources, like this blog, but lately it has been showing more originality. Take the following table, for example.

Chess Links and Websites

There I am at no.91, mark-weeks.com, sandwiched between book publisher everymanchess.com and long defunct whychess.ru. I have an Alexa number of 613604 (no. 613.604 of all websites in the world?) and 178 incoming links (it's more than that). My real interest in the list is centered on the top-10 sites. I am very surprised to find lichess.org and chess24.com at no.2 and no.3, just ahead of the old stalwart chessbase.com.

Also interesting was to find my name on ChessScotland.com: Caorle 1972. That was a zonal tournament and the site has details that might be useful for my zonal pages.

I've done some work to validate chess960 and wasn't surprised to find my name on Some hard questions for chess philosophers and the elite (chess959.com). The main page of the blog is titled Chess959 – Thinking starts at move 1, 'No Memorization Required!', and also deserves a closer look.

Most of the Giga references are to pages like CHESSSPY & FLOOTSIE! in the press (chessspy.com, for one of my blog posts), or Still Thrills: The Drama of Chess (academia.edu, for a WCC page). The most surprising reference was to a wiki-style page: Chessprogramming - Mark Weeks. My name in bytes, indeed.


Follow-up: Searching for Zonals.

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