02 May 2016

Karjakin's First Encounters with Carlsen

Let's continue to look at GM Karjakin's early career, like his GM Title and Early Games. The Chessgames.com page for Karjakin vs. Carlsen lists their first game as Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin; Corus Tournament: Group B (2005).

In fact, they had already played in events without having to play each other. Here are two examples from TWIC (TheWeekInChess.com).

For more about the Tripoli event, see my page on the 2004 FIDE Knockout Matches. The TWIC report mentions that Carlsen was eliminated in the first round of the event, but says nothing about Karjakin. For years there has been a media bias in the West favoring the Norwegian over the Russian. Is the opposite true of Russian media?

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