05 May 2016

Chess @ Yahoo Finance

Not too long ago, in a post titled No More Yahoos? (February 2016), I noted that Yahoo had shut down its comic section, its news carrousel, and its game section (in descending order of importance to me!). It's good to see that chess is still being featured in the news section from time to time, and the other day was one of those times.

'Inside the high-stress world of pro chess'

That 'Inside' headline was subtitled,

Players have built their lives around chess, are extremely skilled, and still struggle to make much of a living. Competing for six hours straight »

and beat out four other stories for top billing:-

'Woj: Ewing to interview for Kings job'
'Photos: White House Correspondents’ Dinner'
'Obama out: Best zingers from his final WHCD'
'Can Fiorina help Cruz in California?'

Making this even more noteworthy is that the four other stories are mainly of interest to American readers. Does this mean that the 'high-stress world of pro chess' is also of interest to American readers? If so, the world's third most populous country might be picking up where the Fischer story left off in the 1970s.

The Yahoo headline led to a story Inside the ultra-competitive world of professional chess by Daniel Roberts. If you look at the URL buried under that title, you'll see

'world chess championship, inside the business of chess, magnus carlsen, maurice ashley, hikaru nakamura'

and if you look at the Daniel Roberts article ('a writer at Yahoo Finance, covering sports business and technology'), you'll see two videos featuring Maurice Ashley. The first is an interview and the second is the clip behind my post And the Award for Best Chess Actor Goes to... (February 2016). There's more to be said here -- including a look at the >100 comments attached to the article -- but I'll save that for another time.

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