27 May 2016

'Is Really Good Sales Now'

Must be giant chess sets week. First we had Top eBay Giant Chess Sets by Price. That same day I received a message from Chinese manufacturer CNchess.com with an entire category of 'Giant Garden Outdoor Chess Sets'. Today while creating the short list for Flickr Friday, I found five photos featuring more of the same. The one I liked best, subtitled 'In the heart of the village Bad Ragaz, Switzerland', is shown below.

New Game - New Chance © Flickr user Kecko under Creative Commons.

Back to CNchess.com, their message said,

GC-8 Garden Chess Set with Colored Box • If you buy above 1000 sets GC-8 king tall 8" garden chess set and we can print your design on the colored box. This garden set is really good sales now.

Now all I have to do is round up another 999 interested parties.

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