06 February 2018

FIDE Is More Than a Rating System

During the first few years I started this blog all posts about chess ratings were for FIDE ratings and nearly all posts about FIDE were about their rating system. These days, some posts about rating are for non-FIDE ratings and most posts about FIDE have nothing to do with ratings. To reflect this shift in focus, I split the 'FIDE/Ratings' label (aka category) into separate labels for 'FIDE' and 'Ratings'. The before/after numbers looked like this:-

210 FIDE/Ratings

195 FIDE
  91 Ratings

The difference in the count between 'FIDE/Ratings' and 'FIDE' is due entirely to a series I ran last year: Early U.S. Ratings : A Summary and an Exercise (October 2017). I hope to continue that topic later this year

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