05 February 2018

Interview Videos : Ding Liren

[NB: Ding Liren is a soft spoken guy. Turn up the volume on your speakers!]

FIDE Press Officer Anastasiya Karlovich opens the interview saying, 'Ding Liren is here with us, the first player who is in the final, the first player who qualified from the World Cup to the Candidates. How do you feel about it?' The occasion was the 2017 World Cup; Tbilisi (Georgia), IX, 2017, after Ding Liren beat Wesley So to qualify for the final match.

FIDE World Chess Cup Interview with Ding Liren (7:03) • 'Published on Sep 23, 2017'

The description of the clip was brief:-

FIDE World Chess Cup interview with Ding Liren after semifinal tie-breaks.

For the games of the match, see Ding Liren - Wesley So (2017) on Chessgames.com ('Lifetime Record: Ding Liren beat Wesley So 3 to 2, with 17 draws'). For the previous interview in this series, see Interview Videos : Caruana.

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