04 February 2018

The Chess Family

Chess aficionados sometimes overlook or forget that their favorite game is just one member of a great family. The next video in this series on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016) serves as a useful reminder.

A World of Chess: Its Development & Variations through Centuries & Civilizations (10:57) • 'Published on Jan 31, 2018'

A discussion of Western chess starts around 6:30 into the clip. The video's description says,

A World of Chess by Jean-Louis Cazaux and Rick Knowlton, McFarland Publishing. • A vast and comprehensive view of the many forms chess has taken over the past fifteen centuries. Deeply researched, with over 400 illustrations and clear, concise delivery of game rules and information on the broad issues of chess history.

Two sites -- more like a page and a site -- are given in the description:-

For more on the same Youtube channel, see AncientChess.

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