19 February 2018

Interview Videos : Karjakin

After the previous post, Interview Videos : Grischuk, in this series on the players who will be competing in next month's 2018 Candidates Tournament (Berlin), next up alphabetically is GM Sergey Karjakin.

Candidates Tournament 2016 | Round 14 – Interview with Sergey Karjakin (3:53) • 'Published on Nov 24, 2016'

The description said,

Interview with the winner of the Candidates Tournament 2016. In the last round of the Candidates Tournament, Sergey Karjakin won the game over Fabiano Caruana and ended up first.

My page on that Moscow event is 2016 Candidates Tournament. My final post on the tournament was Moscow Candidates - Wrapup (April 2016). Karjakin went on to lose the 2016 Carlsen - Karjakin title match in November 2016, thereby qualifying for the 2018 Candidates tournament. He has to be considered one of the favorites to qualify for the 2018 title match against Carlsen.

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