26 February 2018

Interview Videos : Kramnik

Next up in the video series covering the eight players who will be competing in next month's Candidates Tournament - Berlin is Vladimir Kramnik, who gained entry to the event as the organizer's wildcard choice. For the previous video in the series, see Interview Videos : Karjakin.

Interview With GM Vladimir Kramnik - Chess World Cup Knockout 2017 Round 2.2 (10:04) • 'Published on Sep 7, 2017'

The interview followed Kramnik's win in the second round of the 2017 World Cup - Tbilisi (Georgia) last September. For another interview with Kramnik on the same day, see 'I am not one of the favourites but four years ago too I wasn't very young' (Youtube channel: ChessBase India; 'Published on Sep 7, 2017'), where he is referring to his victory in the 2013 World Cup - Tromso (Norway).

The clip shown above is from Youtube channel: Chess Fan. Its description says only,

Source: Chess Cast. If any owners has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact and it will be deleted immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

I found the original video at World Cup 2017 Tbilisi on Livestream (livestream.com/chesscast). I also found three other copies of the 'Chess Fan' / 'Chess Cast' video on other Youtube channels. Who owns the copyright? I suspect it is the version FIDE World Chess Cup 2017 Interview with Vladimir Kramnik (Youtube channel: Georgia Chess; 'Published on Sep 8, 2017').

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