16 December 2018

Over Their Shoulders Wifi Chess

In the previous Featured Flickr Photo post, 2018 Carlsen - Caruana Venue (November 2018), I wondered,

Was last month's 'Chess and Cubofuturism' (October 2018) the last post in this blog's long running Flickr series?

and then used a composite image that came from a Google search. This month I found a few Flickr photos that were worth considering, so I granted a one month reprieve to the series.

Modern era chess © Flickr user clarkmaxwell under Creative Commons.

The description said,

Why would you go pull out one of the 5+ "real" chess sets we have?!? Just play each other WiFi.

The tag said '#overtheirshoulderseries'. I say, 'Maybe this is the best way to get little girls to play chess'.

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