21 December 2018

An AlphaZero - Stockfish Game

After AlphaZero Is Back! and DeepMind Videos, let's look at an AlphaZero game ... and what a game! From Youtube's Chess.com channel, GM Robert Hess starts the video saying, 'You know those times when you've gotten into trouble, but you never realized your idea was bad until it was too late? That's what happened to Stockfish in this game.'

Google Deepmind's AlphaZero Chess Engine Makes "Inhuman" Knight Sacrifice (8:59) • 'Published on Dec 6, 2018'

Published around the same time that AlphaZero reappeared after an absence of one year, the description of the video informs,

AlphaZero is back with dazzling new games from a fresh 1,000 game chess match against Stockfish! Don't miss this brand new game analyzed by grandmaster Robert Hess as Alphazero pushes the boundaries of understandings of chess, chess engines, and artificial intelligence!

The accompanying Chess.com report can be found at:-

And here are a couple of early reports from other important chess news services:-

The video plus all of the above links have attracted hundreds of comments. One theme the comment threads have in common : let's see AlphaZero play Stockfish under real match conditions, where the Stockfish engine environment is operated by Stockfish experts.

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