18 April 2021

More Lessons in Art Appreciation

Jamais quatre sans cinq? Two months ago, in Forcing Me to Think (February 2021), we saw a Flickr photo by J-L. Mazieres of a chess painting. That was already the fourth time I've used an image from M. Mazieres' Flickr channel. On a short list of a half dozen Flickr favorites for this current post, the image shown below was once again the best of the lot.

Modern Art : Profane Art and Present-day Art © Flickr user jean louis mazieres under Creative Commons.

That makes five images from the same channel. The description said,

Louis Robert Carrier Belleuse 1848-1913; Joueurs d'échecs (Chess players) 1879; Besançon Musée des Beaux Arts

That was followed by a link to Wikipédia's Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse (fr.wikipedia.org), where we learn that there were several artists in the Carrier-Belleuse family. The Wikipedia link was followed by a long passage first in French, then in English. Once again, just as in 'Forcing Me to Think', I've used the title of the English passage as the title for the artwork itself. Once again, I'm not sure why that passage was used in the description. As for the quality of the image, the photographer explained in a comment (translating from the French),

It was impossible for me to photograph the painting without these reflections, despite all my efforts to render the shadows and the lights. I made an average choice, between the players and their environment.

How he did that is also a mystery to me. There are multiple lessons in art appreciation here, but I'm not the right person to appreciate them.

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