05 April 2021

Chess.com Streamer Bots

I ended last week's post, TCEC 'Swiss 1', CCC 'Streamer Bots Battle' Both Underway (March 2021), saying,

CCC: [...] The site is now running something called 'Chess.com Bots: Streamers Battle' with 16 bots participating. I couldn't find any info about the event except the names of the 16 bots, starting with the strongest: Eric, Aman, etc. Until now I've managed to avoid paying attention to the 'Chess.com Streamer Bots'. I'll make amends by featuring them in the next off-week engine post.

This being the 'next off-week engine post', I'm stuck with my promises. The 'Chess.com Bots' are the personalities against whom you're invited to play when you land on the Chess.com page to Play Chess Online Against the Computer. The various bots are shown on the left of the following chart.

The bots are offered in eight categories...

Adaptive: ('Adaptive bots play stronger moves when you have the advantage and weaker moves when you are behind'), e.g. 'Jimmy' (rated 600), the bot chosen by default and shown at the top of the image on the left; Beginner:, e.g. 'Martin' (250); Intermediate:, e.g. 'Emir' (1000); Advanced:, e.g. 'Antonio' (1500); Master:, e.g. 'Noam ' (2200); Streamers:, e.g. 'xQc' (1200); Top Players:, e.g. 'Danya' (2650) - Daniel Naroditsky; and Personalities:, e.g. 'Danny' (2500) - Danny Rensch

...plus a simple Engine: for unimaginative players like me. The image in the middle shows the Streamers, of which there are currently 17. The image on the right shows the streamer I selected at random, 'Neeko' (rated 800). Her description says,

Neeko is an American TikTok icon, Twitch streamer, and content creator for 100 Thieves. Can you defeat this PogChamps 3 participant?

'TikTok' I understand, thanks to my granddaughters; 'Twitch' and 'PogChamps' I understand, thanks to Chess.com and this blog; '100 Thieves' I'm clueless, but could get up to speed thanks to Google.

For more about Neeko-Bot, see Neeko-Bot - Chess Profile. She/it finished 15th out of 16 in the 'CCC Streamers Bots Battle'. As for the story behind the introduction of the bots and streamer bots, looks like there's another blog post in the pipeline.

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