11 April 2021

Light Up Your Path to Improvement

The last time -- in fact, the only time -- that I featured a Kickstarter idea for a video post was No Strings Attached (March 2020). That product turned out to be a bust. The product in this video might well be positioned for a boom: the current chess boom.

Introducing ChessUp (3:37) • '[Published on] Mar 18, 2021'

The description says,

ChessUp is a smart chess board with a built in AI assistant.

At first glance it looks like yet another electronic chess set that lights up all possible moves on its board. That in itself isn't a new idea, let alone a revolutionary idea. The new idea here is that the suggested moves are adjusted according to the human player's strength.

Newcomers need help identifying legal moves. Beginners need help avoiding blunders like overlooking mate-in-one. Club players need help seeing a move that eventually leads to a devastating fork. At least that's how I understand the product.

For the developer's home page, see Bryght Labs (bryghtlabs.com; 'An incredible, connected chess board with a built-in chess instructor that lights up all possible moves according to strength.') For a review of the product, see ChessUp | Level Up Your Chess Game - Kickstarter Critique (youtube.com).

[I hope I don't really need to say it, but I have no personal interest in the product, financial or otherwise -- except maybe an interest in following its evolution.]

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