26 April 2021

TCEC 'VSOB'; CCC 'ECO Mega-Matches'

Let's see; where were we the last time I looked at the two world class, ongoing chess engine events? To summarize my previous post, TCEC 'Swiss 1', CCC 'Bots: Top Players...' Both Underway (April 2021):-

TCEC: 'Swiss 1' is still running and should finish later this week. LCZero and KomodoDragon are currently tied for 1st/2nd. What's next? The site's '!s21' command says, 'TCEC S21 [...] estimated to start mid/late April'. • CCC: Chess.com Streamer Bots (April 2021) finished roughly in the order predicted by their estimated ratings. The site is currently running a similar event called 'Chess.com Bots: Top Players, Personalities, Streamers' with 20 bots participating. The '!next' command says that a 'Komodo personalities match' is waiting in the wings.

TCEC: KomodoDragon won 'Swiss 1' with 15.5 points out of 22 games. That was a half point ahead of Stockfish and LCZero, which finished two points ahead of the best of the 35 other engines. The results of one engine were shown in red, with strikes through most of its values -- 'Koivisto 4.29' with 10.0 points in a tie for places 29-34 -- apparently brought to the woodshed after three crashes. The event's wiki page, TCEC Swiss 1 (wiki.chessdom.org), gives no further information.

After 'Swiss 1', the site conducted tests : 'Koivisto Testing', 'Booot Testing', and is currently conducting 'QL L4 L3 Testing' ['L' here means 'League', as in S21 League]. The '!next' command says, 'Now !VSOB 20 Stockfish-LCZero and QL/L4/L3 testing, will switch between these occasionally...' For the previous post mentioning VSOB (Viewer Submitted Openings Bonus), see Stockfish Wins TCEC S19; CCC15 Still Halted (October 2020). For the next post mentioning VSOB, that sounds like a good topic for an off-week post.

CCC: Referring to the summary for the previous post (above), it turns out that 'Chess.com Bots: Top Players, Personalities, ...' and 'Komodo personalities match' were one and the same. I discussed their evolution in the previous off-week post, Komodo Personalities, (April 2021), and have nothing to add here. They came, they played, they left ... they're bots.

The site is currently running 'Eco Mega-Match 2 (part 2)'. This follows, you guessed it, 'Eco Mega-Match 2 (part 1)'. Part 2 should finish this week. What can we expect after that? The '!next' command says,

Rating events with Igel, Rubi, Stoof and more. Eco-mini-matches with Leela, Dragon, SF Classic.

I'll look at available info for the ECO Mega-Matches when I look at VSOB. This follows the principle that opposites attract.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero]

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