04 February 2022

Ads for Zonals, Out!

Continuing with last week's Life in Google's World (January 2022), I removed Google Adsense and Amazon for all pages related to the index page for World Chess Championship Zonals. This affected 64 pages, considerably fewer than would be the case in other areas of my site m-w.com. In the 'Google's World' post I wrote,

I decided not to make any changes for now, except to turn on '(a) "Let Google place ads for you"' for this blog. So far, I haven't noticed any changes.

A week later, I still haven't noticed any changes. Blogger.com, the Google service used to manage this blog, has a feature called, 'Control how ads are shown on your blog'. It looked as shown in the following image.

I changed from 'Only show ads in the sidebar' (pictured on the right) to 'Show ads below posts and in the sidebar' (pictured on the left). I'll come back in a week to see how this worked out.

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