27 February 2022

The Ukrainian Muzychuk Sisters

The eyes of the world are on the tragedy in Ukraine unfolding day by day. For this month's post on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016), let's go back to happier times.

Muzychuk Sisters | World of Sports (11:48) • '[Published on] Jul 13, 2017'

From Youtube channel UATV English:-

UATV is a 24/7 international broadcaster that targets broad audiences around the globe. Our goal is to deliver objective, relevant and interesting information about Ukraine.

The channel currently features news of Putin's invasion seen from the Ukrainian side. The description of our featured video from 2017 repeats its first sentences:-

They learned to play chess before they knew how to read and write. When other girls played with dolls, the Muzychuk sisters battled each other in chess. At the age of three, they already knew all the rules of the oldest intellectual game and could play a full game. And now, the Muzychuk sisters are in the top-five of the world’s strongest [women] chess players.

From Wikipedia:-

Their parents are both chess coaches. Here's wishing the entire family and their entire nation, 'Godspeed'.

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