11 February 2022

Show Ads Everywhere, Out!

Let's see, where was I in this Google Adsense adventure? I ended last week's post Ads for Zonals, Out! (February 2022) with a test on this CFAA blog:-

I changed from 'Only show ads in the sidebar' to 'Show ads below posts and in the sidebar'. I'll come back in a week to see how this worked out.

I didn't have to wait a week. The results appeared after an hour or so. They weren't what I was expecting.

The screen capture on the left shows this blog after I wrote the 'Ads for Zonals' post, which is visible to the left of my profile face. There's a green 'OK' ad on the sidebar and a similar ad beneath the post. Both ads were for the same service -- I neglected to determine what it was -- and the same ad appeared under another post further down the page. Not very pretty, is it.

I switched this blog back to 'Only show ads in the sidebar', then switched my non-chess blog (linked in my profile) to 'Show ads below posts and in the sidebar'. That gives me the opportunity to track its evolution without annoying visitors to this blog.

I still have a few Adsense actions from the post Life in Google's World (January 2022). I'll explore those some other time.

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