24 April 2022

Women in Chess Podcasts

In this monthly series on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016), women's chess plays a recurring role. In the last year or so we've had two posts featuring women:-

This video features the current women's world no.1, Hou Yifan. She is the only woman ranked in the top-100 'open' list (both men and women).

Hou Yifan: "It's the starting point of women's chess" | FIDE Podcast - Episode 3 (1:03:17) • '[Published on] Mar 28, 2022'

The podcast's YouTube description said,

Former Women's World Champion GM Hou Yifan is the third guest on the FIDE podcast in this series of interviews by Lilli Hahn for the Year of the Woman in Chess.

For more about the FIDE series, see:-

That second link leads to a list of related podcasts on FIDE Podcast (podbean.com). For the previous post on this blog featuring a chess podcast, see USchess in Podcasts (June 2018).

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