11 September 2022

Chess Players with Class

After all the anti-social behavior documented in the recent post, Chess Players Behaving Very, Very Badly (September 2022), it's easy to forget that there are still role models in the game. GM Anand is one of the classiest.

How Vishy is changing the Landscape of Chess in India | WACA Chess (4:52) • '[Published on] Sep 8, 2022'

The description said,

Vishy Anand became the first Indian Grandmaster and because of him, India has a big talent pool, representing India on the world stage. Vishy Anand reacts to his AV [?] where a small journey of his was displayed to the audience at the WACA felicitation program in Bangalore.

What's WACA? A page from nearly two years ago, Viswanathan Anand launches WACA Chess Fellowships to mentor India's chess champions (thebridge.in), explains,

WestBridge Capital, under the umbrella of its public charitable trust, WestBridge Charitable Foundation, is set to launch a chess fellowship program, in partnership with Chess Maestro and former World Champion, Grand Master (GM) Viswanathan Anand, establishing the WestBridge-Anand Chess Academy (WACA).

The video clip featured above is from ChessBase India, another classy Indian resource.

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