02 August 2012

After Fishey vs. Spasstic

This blog being 'For All Ages', at least nominally, I've taken the lowbrow path before (see Highbrow or Lowbrow for an example), but never too far. In this anniversary year of the Fischer - Spassky matches -- 40 years since the first, 20 years since the second -- I couldn't help but reproduce the image shown below. The introduction to the 'strip' said,

Where will the next confrontation of superpowers take place? The Golan Heights? Berlin? Guantanamo? Conidering the rush of global events, it will probably be at the Manhattan Chess Club. Anticipating that fact, the world practices and plays chess, and thus do we open on an exhibition, pitting the renowned Bobby Fishey against 40 players, including our own favorite little chess piece, who has been placed in the match by the ever-hopeful Ralphie Towzer.

Annie (unaware that the entire room is contemplating her chest): 'A chess club has such a dignified air of concentration, Ralphie.'

Little Annie Fanny

Playboy, August 1973

Her winning maneuver gives an entirely new angle to the 'touch move' rule.

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