24 August 2012

Karpov - Henley on Karpov - Kamsky

A few days ago I posted about Queen against Rook in the endgame: Mighty Queen, Lowly Rook This video shows the power of Queen against Rook in the middlegame through some nice tactics.

Karpov analyzes 1996 World Chess Championship with Kamsky (15:52) • 'Karpov's Best Games Vol 4'

Near the end of the clip we find, 'Motivate GM Ron W. Henley to release more of his collection by LIKING, COMMENTING, SHARING and by reading more about this video in the ARTICLE': Karpov Analyzes 1996 World Chess Championship Match With Kamsky. Henley was Karpov's second during the match. Here they look at game nine.

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