13 August 2012

Monday, Monday

Last week's piece on Chess in the Balkans Circa 2006 looks to be the last conversion of my About.com material for a long time. The journey started in 2008 with All My Material ... Gone Forever ... Not! and ends, at least for now, with Been There, But Haven't Done That.

The remaining work listed in 'Haven't Done That' presents special challenges that I don't want to address now. I can always come back to it in the future, but I would rather take a close look at what I've done with the intention of pulling everything together a little tighter. I've been converting it in dribs and drabs for almost four years, without ever checking how it hangs together.

Here's what I intend to do over the next few weeks:-

  • Take an inventory of the existing material. Are all articles present and accounted for on the index pages?
  • Are the links -- both internal and external -- in good working order?
  • Is the existing material consistent in structure and appearance?
  • Are there errors being reported on the server log files?

After that, I have a few odds and ends on other sites -- Chess History on the Web : Support material on Tripod.com is one example -- that could be brought into the same environment as the About.com material. Looks like my Chess for All Ages Monday posts will continue on the same theme for a while.

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