19 August 2012

Monks Making Merry

In this ongoing series based on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, I could easily do a mini-series on topics like Fischer Memorabilia in the previous post. Instead I'll keep that as an option for the future and will revert to a single item for this current post.

The image pictured below was titled 'BROTHERS ENJOYING A GAME OF CHESS - Original Art Oil Painting' and sold for US $600 on a single bid. The word 'brothers' in this instance means friars or monks and the 'enjoying' probably has more to do with the white wine than with the chess game.

The description said,

Impressive oil on canvas showing monks engaged in a game of chess with a wine glass in hand. Humorous painting with several funny details in the background. It is signed Oswal(?) and is probably Dutch and from the 1950´s. Unfortunately I have no further information on this great painting.

Even on the original eBay image I couldn't find the 'several funny details in the background'.

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