27 August 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

I ended last week's post on the topic of cross checking my About.com material (see Invisible Pages?), by mentioning 'a few other links that didn't look quite right'. A little investigation showed that these were mostly links that had been 'commented out' when I converted the page, i.e. I left the link in the source, but it didn't display on the page when rendered in a browser.

A few of those hidden links led to pages that had been converted afterwards, so I removed the comment brackets to allow them to display. Some of the other hidden links pointed to a useful resource that I had never converted. I dragged it out of archive, released it as Chess Middle Games - Puzzles, and added it to my page on Learn to Play Chess. Many of the puzzles are based on the examples of Fred Reinfeld, 10 New Puzzle Sets (also a new page), and Yuri Averbakh, Middle game - Double attacks (one of the pages with commented links), so I cross referenced those two pages with the puzzles.

There are already a zillion chess puzzles on the web, but a few more won't hurt. I don't intend to add any more to them.

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