26 August 2012

Missing Video Fridays

I missed a few episodes of Video Friday while I was on vacation earlier this summer. Since each episode features one video from new YouTube offerings over the previous fortnight, I went back to fill in the gap, mostly for my own instruction.

For the first missing fortnight, I posted Karpov on Fischer, dated 15 June 2012 and covering the first half of June. By coincidence, it's from the same series as the most recent episode, Karpov - Henley on Karpov - Kamsky. Karpov and Henley combine to make a great instructional team.

For the next missing fortnight, every clip that caught my attention also touched on a theme that I had already covered. Every clip except 'Who Is No.1?', which I dated 29 June 2012. No.1 here isn't Magnus Carlsen.

For the last missing fortnight, I could have featured two more Karpov / Henley videos. Instead I chose The Biggest Open in the World, dated 13 July 2012. Is the World Open really the biggest?

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