17 March 2015

Chess Collectors' Corner - What's Not?

Let's continue with Chess Collectors' Corner - What's Hot?, where I looked at five years of Top eBay Chess Items by Price and answered the question,

There is tremendous interest in certain 'Top eBay Items', and wondered, 'Which ones?'

In contrast to those dozen-or-so items, some posts in the eBay series get very few views. For each of the five years I identified two posts with the lowest number of views since the post was created. The following composite image shows the focus of those unloved posts.

Top row: (left to right)

Bottom row:

Why are these posts so unloved? I imagine that they don't strike any chords in web searches. Either people don't often look for those types of items -or- the keywords in the posts don't resonate with the terms that people use in searches.

Popularity, of course, is always relative. The two posts from 2014 have received more than double the number of views of the posts from 2010, even though the earlier posts have been sitting on the blog for around four years longer. Or maybe there's just a steady interest in, say, 'Chess and the Killer Klowns'.

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