27 March 2015

More MIT Media & Millionaire Chess

I know, I know. I featured Millionaire Chess on Video Friday exactly one month ago -- on MIT Media & Millionaire Chess -- but these clips about MIT Media are so good that I can't help using one again.

MIT Millionaire Chess (4:16) • 'Today is Millionaire Monday, and it all starts right now!'

Featuring GM Maurice Ashley, GM Robert Hess, Kevin Slavin (MIT Media Lab faculty member, Playful Systems Group), Greg Borenstein (MIT Media Lab graduate student, also seen in the previous video), Adiya Niyango (chess coach), plus a host of top players & presenters. What's not to like?

The last word: 'Maurice and Greg will deploy a more advanced version of Deep View at MC2 which takes place in October 2015 at Las Vegas.'

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Unknown said...

The Millionaire Chess Open is the focal point of this mission. Meticulous attention is paid to every detail to maximize the experience for players and spectators. Exceptional venues, excitement-building twists, cutting edge technology, and exciting commentary all come together to create an experience like none other.