26 March 2015

Soltis's Sites

First we had Down Memory Lane with Andy Soltis, in the March 2015 Chess Life. Then we had JP/Moon/Fischer, based on Archive.org. Now we'll have GM Soltis continuing,

You probably know the names of some of the departed: Chessville, Chess21, The Chess Oracle, Chess Dominion, Chess Chronicle, Chess Check, Wolffchess, Worldchessrating. and both Chessplanet.com and Planetchess.com.

Are those sites really 'departed'? Let's ask Archive.org for help once more.

Nine out of ten isn't too shabby. But wait, there's more: What's happened to Wolffchess.com?; '(7 years ago) We have ALL of Wolffchess.com's content on Chess.com in ...' That makes ten out of ten. All present and accounted for, Andy!

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