03 March 2015

March 1965 'On the Cover'

Last month's February 1965 'On the Cover' showed George Koltanowski on the cover of Chess Life. This month we find him on Chess Review.

Left: 'On the Move'
Right: 'Chess on Ch.11'

Chess Life

Craig Huneke, a 13-year old player who was the youngest entrant in the Oklahoma Open last December, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold V. Huneke of Norman, Okla. Craig is one of hundreds of school children who now regularly play in USCF tournaments throughout the country. Watch out for the masters of the future -- they're already playing in the tournaments of today! • Photo by Norman "Transcript"

In CL's January rating list (see January 1965 'On the Cover'), 'Huneke, C. (Cal.)' was listed at 1786.

Chess Review

On the cover of TV Prevue of the Chicago Sun-Times, the chessic display of George Koltanowski (in color) appeared, January 10-16, announcing 30 weeks of Chess on Channel 11. We learn from the publication that George is host of a weekly TV program, 10 PM Thursdays. He recounts chess history: "the story of Caissa, chess goddess invented by the Germans, who decides the way a player's luck will run", discussion of stamps commemorating Capablanca and the slating of a match between Mikhail Botvinnik and Alexander Alekhine in 1946 just before the latter died are samples.

He gives instruction on chess, spiced with anecdotes. In some programs, he deals with his specialty, blindfold chess, playing it against 13-year old David Moore (not blindfolded). And he concludes each program with a problem to be solved by the viewers and answered at the next session.

Look alive! If the program is not coming your way, it may come -- especially if you ask for it in TV offices. We presume it's now on tape which can be run in your neighborhood.

According to Wikipedia, George Koltanowski was 61 years old at the time of his TV show. He was one of the great American chess promoters of all time and featured in another post, Chess Ads - Paul Masson.

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