06 March 2015

Super Bowl Chess

The description for this photo said,

Captured on the fly from the NBC broadcast of Katy Perry's halftime show during the 2015 Super Bowl. The imagery of the entire show was fantastical. In this segment, based on Perry’s "Dark Horse" song, the theme (apart from her costume) was chessmen on a chessboard; the chess pieces' faceted design resulted in the cubist polygons of my image.

Given all the noise around this year's halftime show, this was the first time I heard that chess played a role.

Katy goes cubistic, 2/01/15 © Flickr user John E. Branch Jr. under Creative Commons.

The chess sequence starts at 1:50 into this Youtube clip: Super Bowl - Katy Perry - Halftime Show Performance 2015 - ORIGINAL.

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