29 March 2015

Google Autocompletes CIS

The three most recent posts in this 'Chess in School' series were Confusion about Facts (Does chess make you smarter?), Pedagogical Pecking Order (FIDE Trainer / Instructor), and Are {Boys/Girls Good/Bad} at Chess?. Casting about for some new angles, I used Google autocomplete to present a list of possible topics. Here are the results on three similar phrases.

The three phrases are nearly synonymous, making the results interchangeable. The keyword 'NYC' appears against all three phrases while 'New York' appears as well. One curiosity is that Google's list of proposed topics can change after a few minutes, with the lowest items in a list being the most volatile.

One program that popped up in several places is '"chess in schools" spain'. See, for example, Spain says yes to chess as game is made compulsory in schools by Malcolm Pein; 'Politicians vote to make chess a compulsory subject in Spanish schools - something your correspondent has been trying to make happen in the UK.'

The most fruitful area might be '"chess in schools" curriculum'. I'll look at that topic in a future post.

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