13 December 2016

Carlsen - Karjakin, Chess Press Overview

Before I wrap up this blog's coverage of the 2016 World Championship, let's have one post featuring reports from the major chess news sites, like I did for Carlsen - Anand II, Chess Press Overview (December 2014). This time around, I"ll start with Youtube videos. The award for the best coverage goes to Chess24.com, who fought hard to establish their right to broadcast the games, then followed through with with first class performances.

For the sake of completeness, I should also mention Chess24's written reports. The report on the tiebreaks has a list of earlier reports at the end.

For concise analysis of individual games, I'll go with 'Power Play Chess' by GM Daniel King.

Again for the sake of completeness, I'll mention the official organizers of the event. Although their game broadcasts are locked away somewhere, they've released excerpts.

Finally, here are round-by-round written reports from the same news sources that consistently produce timely reports.

Chessbase Chess.com
10 Nov: New York 2016: Press conference and Opening gala Carlsen Plays White In Round 1; Agon's Injunction Denied
11 Nov: Newsblog : Game 1 draw Carlsen Presses But Karjakin Holds In World Champs 1st Round Draw
12 Nov: Newsblog : Game 2 drawNew York 2016: In the EpicenterNewsblog : 2016-11-13New York 2016: Game two brings in huge lines of fans Carlsen Rejects The Berlin In Game 2
13 Nov:
14 Nov: Newsblog : 2016-11-14Newsblog : 2016-11-15New York 2016: Dramatic near-win in game three Carlsen Can't Airlift Karjakin's Berlin In Round-3 Draw
15 Nov: Newsblog : 2016-11-16New York 2016 G4: Persistence vs Resilience Carlsen Draws World Champs Game 4 In 'Weak Moment'
16 Nov:
17 Nov: Newsblog : 2016-11-17New York 2016 G5: The tables are turned Carlsen Fights Off Karjakin To Draw Again As White
18 Nov: Newsblog : 2016-11-18Newsblog : 2016-11-19 Karjakin And Carlsen Take Half Day With Short Draw In Game 6
19 Nov:
20 Nov: Tiger Hillarp Persson annotates Game 7In the crowd with Max Karjakin Switches To 1.d4, Still Can't Make Headway
21 Nov: Game 8: Karjakin takes the lead / Notes by Fabiano CaruanaKarjakin wins with Black! Game 8 with notes by Fabiano CaruanaThe Day the Challenger won Karjakin Beats Carlsen, Leads World Championship
22 Nov:
23 Nov: Game 9: Carlsen escapes Sudden Death / Notes by Fabiano CaruanaThe crowd in the VIP area Carlsen Escapes, Draws Karjakin In Game 9
24 Nov: Game 10: Carlsen wins and is back in the match / Notes by Wesley SoGame 10: Carlsen strikes back / Notes by Wesley SoTragicomedy on Thanksgiving Carlsen Wins Marathon Game To Even Match With Karjakin
25 Nov:
26 Nov: Carlsen vs Karjakin, Game 11: A fighting draw!Wesley So: How Carlsen tried to spice up game 11While game 11 was on Karjakin Unmoved By Surprising Pawn Sacrifice, Holds Game 11
27 Nov:
28 Nov: Game 12 draw / Showdown on Wednesday / Notes by Yasser SeirawanA short visit to a short game Carlsen, Karjakin Draw Game 12; Playoffs Wednesday
29 Nov:
30 Nov: Carlsen wins tie-break and remains World Champion!Tie-break time: We have a Champion World Championship Tiebreak Live UpdatesCarlsen Wins Rapid Playoff, Defends World Championship
After: Ponomariov: "Carlsen has stopped making progress"Inside Team Carlsen: Q&A with Peter Heine Nielsen Magnus Carlsen: "I was calm, I was confident"

There is plenty of material for further study here.

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