16 December 2016

Judit Polgar on Stage

Sheesh! Two recent Video Friday picks went missing within days after I posted them: Carlsen - Karjakin 2013 ('This video does not exist') and Chess on 'CBS This Morning' ('This video is private'). Sorry about that.

I hope I have better luck with this TED talk from the TED Archive. The youngest and strongest of the three Polgar sisters gives a thumbnail sketch of her career.

Giving checkmate is always fun : Judit Polgar (14:52) • 'From a young age, Judit Polgar’s parents wanted her to be a genius. They got their wish.'

The description continued,

By age 7, she was playing chess against 15 opponents simultaneously -- and beating them all. At age 12, she won the gold medal for Hungary as part of the women’s team at the Chess Olympiad. Regarded as the strongest female chess player in history, Polgar shares her dream to see chess taught in every elementary school worldwide.

TED Archive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by Judit Polgar. Filmed at TED in 2016.

At the end of the talk, she presents the final combination from one of her games: Judit Polgar vs Anatoly Karpov; Essent 2003 (chessgames.com).

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