18 December 2016

FIDE's Social Commissions

What happens when the sociology of chess, last seen on this blog in World Championship Social Media, meets Spectating the 87th FIDE Congress? For starters, you get meetings, like these:-

83. Minutes of Social Projects Commission.
84. Minutes of Social Action Commission.

13. Report and proposals of the International Chess Association of French-speakers.
68. Minutes of European Small Nations Association.
81. Minutes of Small Nations Association.
93. Minutes of Commonwealth Chess Association.

I briefly covered the two commissions last year in More FIDE Reports from Tromso (March 2015):-

What is the difference between the 'Social Action Commission' and the 'Social Project Commission'? According to FIDE's Handbook > A. Administrative Subjects > 02. Non-Elected Commissions...

But I wasn't able to answer the question. Maybe the minutes from the 87th FIDE Congress would help.

Annex 83; Minutes of Social Projects Commission [SPC] • The Chairman GM Darcy Lima welcome the participants and made an explanation about the agenda. Then a report was made about the activities of the Commission. It was remembered all the programs and projects we already done. Like chess and environment education and sustainability program, chess to help integration for minority groups in society (like the Pomerans etc…), chess and peace, chess as a tool in treatment for chemical dependence, chess as a tool working with autism and Asperger syndrome and Down syndrome, chess in prisons among others.


Annex 84; FIDE Social Action Commission [SAC] • Beatriz Marinello, Chairwoman, extended greetings to those members present. She asked for Robert Katende, to be excused as he was unable to attend the meeting. [...] Beatriz stated the role of the Social Action Commission and described it as the next movement for chess, similar to Chess in Schools. She was very optimistic that the projects undertaken by the commission will have significant impact on chess throughout the world.

You might sense that responsibilities have shifted since my 'Tromso' post above, where all topics were listed under SPC, except Alzheimer’s, which was the only topic under SAC. You might also recognize the name Robert Katende. I mentioned him a few months ago in No Controversy Here (October 2016), as a main character in the Disney movie, 'Queen of Katwe', based on the real life story of Phiona Mutesi. Of the two commissions, only one has a web presence.


To make real progress here, I'll have to include minutes and reports from previous FIDE Congresses. This will take more time than I have for this post, so I'll come back to the subject another time. Ditto for the FIDE Associations.

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