27 December 2016

FIDE's Anti-Cheating Commission 2016

What's happened in the year since I last reported on the FIDE Anti-Cheating Guidelines (December 2015)? Continuing with Spectating the 87th FIDE Congress, let's look at the minutes:-

Annex 80 - Anti-Cheating Committee; MINUTES OF THE ACC CONGRESS MEETING - BAKU, 7 September 2016

1. Chairman’s report [Israel Gelfer] • 'anti-cheating rules for the 42nd Olympiad were [Baku 2016] not drafted by the ACC but rather by the people who are involved in the organization of the Olympiad'

2. ARB-ACC online seminar • 'almost 120 arbiters attended the webinars live (and many more offline)'

3. Finalized cases: Nigalidze, Sandu, Ricciardi, Tetimov, Valles

4. Becoming a Commission, a report from Constitutional Chairman Rivello

5. PGN screening tool development • 'no progress has been made in the implementation of the all-important web-based PGN screening tool'

6. ACC site development • 'in dire need of an efficient web-based front-office / back-office tool for everyday operation and for communicating with the public.'

For more about that first bullet, see Anti-Cheating Procedures for 42nd World Chess Olympiad (August 2016; fide.com). A few days after the committee meeting, how did the General Assembly react? From the minutes:-

5.18. Anti-Cheating Committee.

Mr. Makropoulos said he would not like to confuse guidelines with the regulations. There is a need to discuss how to solve this issue. Mr. Gelfer agreed that they will discuss how to use the guidelines when needed. About the report he said that there is one remark at the end stating that the budget is not sufficient for their work. This is not a complaint for the Treasurer, it is just describing the situation.

The General Assembly noted the change of Anti-Cheating Committee to Anti-Cheating Commission with Mr. Gelfer as a Chairman.

And that was that. After the rapid progress in previous years, has the group become bogged down in bureaucracy? For more about its members, see Anti-Cheating Commission (ACC; fide.com).

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