08 December 2016

December 1966 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago in American chess, the two major U.S. chess publications wrapped up a stellar year for chess.

Left: 'American Open Champion -- Photo by Art Zeller'
Right: 'To Chessplayers Everywhere : Season's Greetings'

Chess Life

Larry Kaufman (center), winner of the 1966 American Open at Santa Monica, receives his check from USCF Vice-President (and International Grandmaster) Isaac Kashdan. Miss Vardit Hirsch stands by to present the American Open Trophy to the new champion.

Inside the magazine, a half-page article started,

Larry Kaufman, a 19-year old student at MIT, scored a surprising victory in the second American Open, held November 24-27 at the Club Del Mar in Santa Monica, California. Kaufman nosed out Robion Kirby, a professor of mathematics at UCLA, on tie-breaking after each scored 7-1 to head the field of 128 players. Although Kaufman and Kirby are both rated Masters, their triumphs were unexpected in view of the participation of Grandmaster Pal Benko and Senior Master Anthony Saidy.

GM (since 2008) Kaufman has figured many times in this blog, mainly for his pioneering work in computer chess. See, for example, Practical Evaluation (February 2013).

Chess Review

A XMAS CARROLL [NB: before you shout 'sic', think!] • We herewith re-submit as a sort of Xmas Carroll what Ward Fenner sent us and we first published in January 1959. [NB: as a letter; ...] 'follows the original version of Alice's Jaberwocky' [NB: sic!; ...]

T'was Lasker and the Alekhine
Did Bird and Morphy in the Breyer.
All Falkbeer were the Rubinstein and the Lopez Allgaier.

[NB: ...; remainder mercifully deleted]

There was nothing about Xmas (or Christmas) in the poem. As for the funky green cover, it carried on a CR tradition: see December 1964 and December 1965, 'On the Cover'.

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