26 December 2016

Engines, (Google), Korchnoi

It's time for a transition. For the last six weeks of Mondays, I've been following the 'TCEC Season 9 Superfinal':-

What's next? Before returning to Korchnoi's Events (November 2016), I have to tackle a chore.


For the last few months Google has been bugging me to add 'Matched Content' to my m-w.com site. See, for example, Matched content: designed to engage your users and increase visitor duration (adsense.googleblog.com). I followed the instructions in About the Matched content feature (support.google.com; AdSense Help), and added a trial to my most popular page, How to Set Up a Chess Board. The result is shown below, where the matched content appears after the page's text and consists of links to eight similar pages on the site.

My first impression is that its appearance is not well coordinated with the rest of the page, so I'll come back to it later for a second look. I should also determine why the subtitles are inconsistent and fix that if possible.

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