09 December 2016

Chess with the Jacobites

After a brief detour for the World Championship, Flickr Friday returns with an 18th century historical image.

Chess Players © Flickr user Keppoch's Regiment under Creative Commons.

From Facebook, Keppoch's Regiment:-

Previously known as the Northwest Jacobites, we're a group of reenactors portraying the Scottish Highlanders of Keppoch's Rgt. in the 1745 Jacobite Rising.

From Wikipedia, Jacobite rising of 1745:-

The Jacobite rising of 1745 was the attempt by Charles Edward Stuart to regain the British throne for the exiled House of Stuart. The rising occurred during the War of the Austrian Succession when most of the British Army was on the European continent. Charles Edward Stuart, commonly known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie" or "the Young Pretender", sailed to Scotland and raised the Jacobite standard at Glenfinnan in the Scottish Highlands, where he was supported by a gathering of Highland clansmen.

The drawing is also in an album, 1746 Edinburgh Figures ('Figure sketches made in Edinburgh and the neighbourhood after the rebellion of 1745').

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