14 January 2019

Chess.com CCC3 Underway

For last week's post in this series, TCEC S14 Underway, I noted,

When we last visited the TCEC and the CCCC, both events had just finished their most recent seasons and were preparing to embark on new seasons. [...] For my next post in this series, I'll check on the current status of the CCCC.

Whenever I post an update on the CCC/CCCC, my first challenge is to remember the tournament situation the last time I looked at it. Then I have to figure out what has happened since then. One complication is that the name has changed several times. First there was 'CCCC'; then there was 'CCCC 1'; then there was 'CCC 2'. From now on, I'm going to call the events CCC1/CCC2/CCC3/..., unless the name changes again. Another complication, more like a detail, is that the tournaments since CCC1 have been split into three stages.

Since CCC3 is currently underway, that means there have been two previous CCCs, right? No, there have been three. Here are my posts on each of the first three:-

As for CCC3, Chess.com has issued intermediate reports on the first two stages:-

The INFO tab on on the live page, Computer Chess Championship (also chess.com), currently says,

Started Jan. 6; Expected duration: 14 days

Since that refers to CCC3 stage three, I'll come back to the event in a week. If all goes according to schedule, I should be able to report on the winner.

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