13 January 2019

Top-10 Games 2018

This January is the 13th for this blog and I can't remember ever doing a post featuring a 'top' list for the preceding year. Let's start with a video from Youtube's PowerPlayChess channel.

Top 10 Chess Games 2018 (10:58) • 'Published on Dec 24, 2018'

The description of the video said,

Daniel King shows his selection of top 10 games in 2018.

This was followed by dozens of links to other PowerPlayChess resources. As usual, right-click the video (or do the equivalent on other devices) to see all of the links. The last time we saw this particular channel on the blog was Patreon Chess (February 2018; 'Daniel King is creating chess videos'). For the videos featuring the 10 individual games, see the playlist Top 10 Games of 2018.

For the short list of the two best videos, see Best Chess Game of the year 2018 on the same channel. Before this video appeared, I had already noted two other resources featuring lists of '2018 Top-10 Games':-

And as long as we're looking at '2018 Top-10' lists, here are two more:-

These days, every year is a great year for chess.

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