14 June 2020

Online Arbiters

Since I'm posting a series about The Switch to Online Chess, the following seemed a natural choice for this month's featured video.

Workshop for arbiters in online chess events (2:05:58) • 'Streamed live on Jun 10, 2020'

The description starts,

Hosts - IA Laurent Freyd, Chairman of the FIDE Arbiters' Commission and IA Tomasz Delega, Chairman of the ECU Arbiters' Council. • The hosts will share about online events and best practices to help arbiters fulfilling their role in the new context of online chess events.

That introduction is followed by a list of bullets like 'What's the role of the arbiter in online tournaments?' The workshop is centered on a presentation that starts around 10:50 into the clip. Although I couldn't find a separate copy of the presentation, I found a mention of the event on the subdomain for FIDE Arbiters' Commission (fide.com). It said,

The FIDE Arbiters` Commission wants to thanks everyone who attended the workshop on Wednesday, June 10th. It was obviously a challenge but it became a great success, with a lot of interaction among the participants in the chat and questions raised. At one point, there were 467 participants online from almost all Federations.

The video lives on Youtube's FIDE chess channel.

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