24 August 2020


Near the end of last year I posted CCC PGN (December 2019), which started,

The 'CCC PGN Archive' (see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page) hasn't been updated in over six months, and only shows events through CCC8.

While preparing that post I found a more recent archive and documented its existence in the same tab 'TCEC/CCC Links'. That second archive was only maintained another four months before it, too, stopped being updated. Recently, another attempt was made at documenting CCC PGN files via the site's Discord resource:-


the_real_greco 25/07/2020
@LILMAFYA Someone just gave me this, which has a huge number of our old PGNs (I haven't checked it for completeness).


If it's still missing anything you want (and you're still interested), let me know. You'd actually be doing me a favor if you could point out any that are missing.

See the Discord resource for the full URL of the XLSX file.

I downloaded the XLSX file, loaded it into a database, and discovered that 'huge number' meant 144 PGN files plus one 'TBA'. After doing that, I produced the chart on the left. It shows the number of PGN files per CCC season.

The XLSX data is also useful for a number of other tasks. First, it can be used to crosscheck the older archives mentioned in the original 'CCC PGN' post. Second, I can use it to catalog the CCC-live weekly snapshots that I've been taking for the last year or so. These show the name of the live event that was running at the time of the snapshot, plus events just before the live event.

I didn't have time to complete either of those two other tasks. I'll try to do that another time.

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